People have called me many names in my life, mostly good ones, well… at least to my face anyway. However, I try to stick to the name I was given when I was born, in a mighty castle in the land Awesome nonetheless, Sir Stud Muffin. Okay, caught me. That is not my real name nor was I born in a castle, unless you think a hospital is a castle. My real name is Alex Craig. That’s right, the guy with two first names!

However, my name does not stop there, because I have been called a student, a difference maker, and an entrepreneur. These three adjectives describe me the most and the topics I have chosen to write about. Each adjective of myself is further explained in detail of why I am called those things. It is where you can find works about the things I am doing as a student, a difference maker, and an entrepreneur. To get started learning more about me click any name in the menu to get started.