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Hi. I am Alex Craig. That’s right the man with two first names.

Have you ever wondered:Alex

“Is your business making all the profits it can?”

“Should I fire customers?”

“Will my business ever help me create my dreams or will it continue to be a stress for me and my family?”

You may have just started your business, been in business for years, or thinking about selling your business.

You work hard day in and day out, but you cannot seem to generate a good profit. Your efforts are proving to be less fruitful than if you had a job. The stress of barely being able to cover your expenses or put food on your table keeps you up all night. This was certainly not what you had in mind when you wanted to be a business owner.

If you are not generating enough profit or revenue, then you might think the answer is to work more and work harder. You spin your wheels day after day trying to make money, but when you look at your bank account it does not increase. You try to look at your business financials, but you get lost and confused. You see some numbers and even if you know what they mean, does that mean they are good numbers?

Learn How I Built a Million Dollar Company And Managed to Make Double the Profits of Competitors in an Dying Industry.

Increase Profits, Grow Your Revenue, and Keep Your Business Thriving Without Learning All The Complex Accounting Stuff

Accountants like to make things difficult. They like debate silly things like where to calculate the cost of goods sold and everything. You might have tried researching how to improve your company finances, but after researching finances for your business, you were likely left more confused than before. As an effort you may try to hire a bookkeeper and accountant, but they seem to talk circles around you using complex words like Whale Charts, GPM, Sales Conversion Cycle, and more.

You try to learn more accounting, but it is just boring as hell. I get it.

You can feel overwhelmed about all the aspects that go into giving you your financial statements. They can be hard to read and see if you are really making money, and if you are making money how can you improve it?

Find out how I have been able to turn around over 50 small to medium companies to become profit and revenue machines

 About The Site

This site has been designed to take the complexities out of accounting and business and make them into simple, understandable, and actionable bits of advice that will help your business become more profitable and generate more revenue.

This site is not built to be an accounting website, but rather how to improve your business from an accounting perspective.

Your business can be broken up into simple systems. I have reverse engineered the complexities of business to establish the building block that make a company profitable and generating cash, we call these blocks Chunks.

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About Alex

I come from a strong background of accounting, and if you ask me if I am good at math I will probably stab you in the eye with spoon.

Excessive? Probably Painful? Most certainly.

Reason? Accounting is nothing more than adding and subtracting and has nothing to do with math.

I have helped over 50 businesses get their finances in order so they could grow their business. I even built a million dollar company in under twelve months.

Working with many businesses, I have learned that most entrepreneurs and small business owners have no idea what is going on in their business finances. They are unsure of which customer are the most profitable, how to raise rates, how to establish financial KPIs, what everyone else in the industry is making and more.

Most businesses fail because of a lack of cash and profitability. Sad, but true. We all start businesses because we dream of having more freedom than a job could offer. Maybe that is the freedom to travel more, the freedom to work on what you love, the freedom to spend time with family or whatever it may be.

Start making your business more profitable, so you can build the business you always dreamed.

Create A Profitable Revenue Generating Business

Create the business you always desired. 

100% Privacy. We don't spam.